Start A House Church

Your Equipping

Awakening House church leaders will find equipping opportunities through email newsletters, Facebook Live videos and strategic conference calls. Jennifer LeClaire and her team in Fort Lauderdale will be personally involved in the training, and Awakening House Church leaders at the local level will offer hands-on training for monthly.

Your Commitment

Awakening House Church leaders commit to holding regular meetings.  You can meet as little as once a week or several times a week. You’ll want to be part of our monthly conference call, or request the recording, so you can stay up to date on the big picture. Since there is no fee to start an Awakening House Church, we ask you sow a tithe of the offerings you receive each month back into AHOP to cover our administrative costs, with the minimum being $30 a month to cover help cover administrative and technology costs. You will find your currency represented in the donation box.

Suggested Donation: USD0.00

Minimum Donation: %PRICE% 0 / month every month

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