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The Story Behind the Awakening House Church Movement

We long to see the miracles, signs and wonders we read about in the Book of Acts. But many church models don’t make room for Spirit-led worship, intimate discipleship or body ministry—which gives all members a chance to exercise their gift as the Holy Ghost wills. While we believe in traditional churches—and operate one—we also believe there is a deep hunger and desperate need for house churches to rise up in this hour. The Lord has put it on Jennifer’s heart to facilitate a house church movement where all things are done decently and in order (1 Corinthians 14:40).

The Movement – Awakening Houses Mission

Awakening House churches are welcoming place for the un-churched, or those who have left the institutionalized church with hurts and wounds or otherwise bad experiences. They are “safe houses” where people of all ages and races come together to minister to the Lord and each other.

The Movement – Awakening Houses Vision

Awakening Houses equip people to live a victorious life in Christ and impact the world around them for His glory. Awakening Houses offer the foundational elements of any church, including prayer, praise and worship, a focus on teaching the Word, personal ministry time, and fellowship, communion, and giving.

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Awakening Houses is co-laboring with passionate believers to establish a global network of saints looking to seek the Lord together, pray and worship together, study the Word together, exercise the gifts of the Spirit together, fellowship together—and do life together.


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